Coronal and ventral x-rays of the hammerhead shark, Sphyrna mokarran.

The distinguishing feature of this animal is, of course, the highly unusual skull shape. You may once have wondered what exactly this seemingly clumsy structure contributes to this fearsome predator, and biologists still do. However, a number of theories exist to explain this unique adaptation; here are some of the best:

  1. All the better to see you with: mounting the eyes at either end of the broad skull allows excellent vision in all areas of the vertical plane. Hammerhead sharks, as hunters of bottom-dwelling animals, can use this superior angle of vision to better locate prey. 
  2. Another pair of fins. The head has evolved into the shape of an effective hydrofoil. It is thought that this may provide greater stability to the shark when making sharp turns and hunting.
  3. Heartbeat sensor. Like many sharks, the hammerhead possesses specialised electrosensory organs called the ampullae of Lorenzini. With these, it can detect the magnetic activity of the Earth and find its heading by means of biological compass. Much more impressively, the hammerhead can detect the minuscule electrical activity emitted by the muscle contractions of its prey, allowing location even when hidden from sight. Almost like a skull-mounted metal detector, the shark may sweep the seabed. All it takes is a heartbeat to give the game away. 

Photo credit to Dan Anderson.

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I’m suddenly curious to know :D

11 rats 1 mouse = 12

36! 5 dogs 2 cats 12 rats (including the 2 from
2 mice (including 1 from

2 betta and 1 crested gecko!

2 betta, 2 axolotls, 1 mystery snail, 6 platys, 2 nerites snails, 6 Amano shrimp and cat

4 cats, 2 retrievers, 1 male betta, 5 female betta, 2 bn plecos, 2 ADFs, 6 blushing whiteskirt tetras, 1 dwarf gourami, and 8 ghost shrimp so thats 31? 

the sorority has been setup and im already very sure who the alpha will be, there hasnt been any physical violence (just flaring tbh) and im slowly getting them to eat so all is going well 

"I really hope that anyone considering a goldfish will take this to heart: they are glorious, lovely, stupid little pond puppies and will be the light of your life, but they are not a dorm pet, and they are not a starter pet, and they are not a pet for a broke college student unwilling to spend hundreds on a $0.20 fish."


My favorite quote about goldfish. 

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I think it's funny that procaps will say Keiko's death indicates we shouldn't release captive whales and it's impossible, but when you bring up the dozens of whales that died after only months in captivity they say it's okay, it's a learning curve, we know better now.

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